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Ryan Jacob CAE Shares Tips on Reducing Air Pollution and Improving Air Quality

When Ryan Jacob, CAE advocate started this website, he had but one goal in mind: to spread awareness about the health risks and dangers of air pollution in hopes of encouraging others to be more conscious of their actions that negatively impact the air that they and their loved ones breathe. Carbon emissions are the major contributors to air pollution, says Ryan Jacob, CAE supporter; and these generally come from using equipment and vehicles powered by oil, gas, and coal. Energy consumption is another contributor to carbon emissions.

If you are looking for simple ways on how to help stop air pollution or improve air quality inside and outside your home, this is the place for you! In here, Ryan Jacob, CAE advocate, will share a few tips on reducing our contribution to air pollution as well as tips on how we can influence our families and friends on how to live a more environment and air-friendly life. Here are a few tips that Ryan Jacob would like to share:

Minimize vehicle use

The very first tip that Ryan Jacob, CAE supporter, would like to share is this: minimize vehicle use. You might have more than one car in your garage—one each for every legal-age member of your household. Vehicle emissions are among the largest contributors to poor air quality, which also includes carbon emissions from industrial and manufacturing plants.

Carpooling is one thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, says Ryan Jacob, CAE advocate. Walking or biking to nearby destinations is another. And finally, if an electric car isn’t within your price range, then just replace your old beat-up car with a newer model as newer models tend to be more energy efficient given that they are designed with the latest technologies.

Quit smoking

Smoking isn’t only bad for your health; it’s bad for the environment as well. Residual particles and even gas that comes from cigarette smoke are released into the air, and they stick to fabrics as well which, when inhaled, can cause respiratory problems, from asthma to lung disease/cancer.

Help the environment, protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke, and protect yourself as well by giving up cigarettes and tobacco, suggests Ryan Jacob, CAE supporter.

Use energy efficient appliances

When shopping for new appliances, check for the ENERGY Star seal, which means that it has been tested for energy efficiency and it passed the quality tests. The ENERGY Star seal means that the appliance functions with less energy consumption compared to older models or those without the seal.

Using energy efficient appliances is one of the best ways to make your home more environment-friendly while at the same time, reducing your utility costs.

If you like these tips, Ryan Jacob, CAE advocate, invites you to visit the Blog page for more tips and recommendations on reducing air pollution and improving air quality in homes and offices.

If you have tips you want to share, please feel free to get in touch with Ryan Jacob through this site. He’d be glad to hear from you!